Dark Horse Events Bringing You The Unexpected cialis before and after images

Welcome to Dark Horse Events!

    Welcome to Dark Horse Events.  

    We are an event planning company that provides challenging rides in extraordinary locations that you just might not find on your own.  We provide you with routes that are challenging enough to feel accomplished at the end of the day while throwing in some some unexpected perks and always great food!

    What’s in a Name?

    Why the name Dark Horse Events?  The term Dark Horse originated from horse racing.  The Dark Horse is the competitor that won the hearts of all, via surprise and delight, by being the best when the crowd had thought they had seen it all.  Our goal is to do the same; to add the additional details that keep you feeling great through out your day with us and reward you with a fun and relaxing atmosphere at the end.

    Stay Tuned!

    Coming in 2013!  Custom Crewing for the rides you want to ride.  You know the situation.  You ride.  All of your friends ride.  You know where you want to go and sometimes it’s more than just a loop that drops by enough stores to pick up what you need to ride all day.  Tired of the “who’s going to drive ro-sham-bo?”  Let us handle your logistics so you can focus on your ride.  Single day support in the Boise, Idaho area and extended trips through out the Northwest.  Go ahead and get out the maps now.  Contact us when you are ready.