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Redwood and Vine Event Details

Welcome to the Redwood and Vine Bicycle Ride!

The Redwood and Vine Bicycle Ride offers a bit of everything California has to offer;  unforgettable cycling, rugged coastline and ocean views, a journey through the Redwoods, wine tasting in one of Northern California’s hidden appelations, great food and the unforgettable custom beers of the Anderson Valley Brewing Company!

Begin at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company, turning right onto Highway 128.  Pass through the lovely town of Boonville.  At mile 1.7, Turn left onto Schoenahl and then immeadiatly right onto Anderson Valley Way which is more or less a frontage road for Highway 128 and enjoy your morning ride over rolling hills and through the beautiful vineyards of the Anderson Valley.  At approximately 10 miles into your ride, turn left onto Philo Greenwood road and past the entrance to Hendy Woods State Park.  This is where your climb will begin.  You will proceed uphill through a tunnel of forest for 5 miles and will gain around 1300 ft.  Once at the top the ride takes you on a fast roller coaster of steep hills along this coastal ridge line before beginning a steep descent into the town of Elk.  A “fluids” stop is available at the top of the climb.  TAKE CAUTION on the descent into Elk.  It is short but parts of it are very steep with sharp curves.  Alert other riders if you are slowing or if you intend to stop.  Avoid any pine needles or other forest debris on the road.  Turn right onto famous highway 1 and proceed through the town of Elk.  Feel free to stop and take in the rugged coastal view.  The Aid Station is less than a mile through the town of Elk on the left hand side at the Catholic Church.  Stock up on snacks and fluids here, the next aid station is 20 miles away.  There are rolling hills along the coast with a few steep but short pitches.  Once you cross the Navarro River, the course flattens out for a comfortable river grade cruise.  If you brought a tail light, it’s time to turn it on!  You are leaving the sunny coast and entering a towering forest of ancient redwoods.There is a bathroom at a state park near the end of the redwood groove.  No potable water is available here but there is river access if you would like to wade.  As you leave the redwoods behind, get ready to sample some of the best wines in California.  From big Zins, to delicate Pinot Noirs with some incredible vintages in between, your wrist band is your passport to our hosting wineries.  The course double backs on Highway 128 so the rolling hills will be familiar with the course flattening out some towards Boonville.  Pedal back to the finish for a complimentary Microbrew and a personal Pizza to put the finishing touch on your route!   The road quality ranges from good to excellent for the entire ride.

Safety First!

HELMETS ARE REQUIRED ON THIS RIDE!!!  The Redwood and Vine is held on public roads that will remain open to the public.  All traffic laws for bicyclists apply.  There are some steep climbs and also steep and winding descents.  Alert rides if you plan to stop or slow down.  In areas where there may be forest debris on the roadside, ride toward the inner portion of the lane.  Do not cross the center lane at anytime.  There will be signs posted to alert cars that there are cyclists on the road however, single file is still safer!  You will have plenty of time to talk to your friends at the numerous wineries along the way.  WEAR BRIGHT CLOTHING!   Coastal fog is very possible as you approach the coast.  It is also very dark in the Redwoods.  A tail light would also be helpful!

Ride Logistics

This is not a timed event or a race. Check and departure is anytime between 8 and 10 am and the ride begins and ends at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville, California.  When you check in you must bring your photo ID if you would like to take part in the wine tasting and also to receive a free beer ticket compliments of the Anderson Valley Brewing Company.  You will pick up your event bag, T-shirt and wrist band at check it.  Be sure to take your photo ID and cash or debit/credit card with you for wine tasting.  Any wine purchases will be transported back to the finish line for you!  We will check your age at check in time however; all participating wineries have the right to double check if they like.  At check in you will also be given a wrist band which allows you to enjoy all the snacks at the aids stations, waives your tasting fee at all six wineries and gets you your wood fired pizza provided to you by Kashaya’s Portable Wood Fired Pizza’s.

The Wineries

If you are a wine lover, you are in for such a treat at the end of your ride.  The first wine stop on your route is Edmeades Estate Winery .  If you are a fan of Zinfandels, you have just arrived in Heaven!  Not to worry, there will be plenty of snacks to keep you fortified!  Next you will pedal a short half mile to Navarro Winery.  This is the home of incredible Gewurztraminers and some of those Pinot Noir’s that the Anderson Valley is so famous for.  Under 21?  These grapes are delicious before they are wine!  Ask for a sample of the varietal grape juices.  Navarro is not only famous for it’s wines but also for the Goats Milk Cheese produced by Pennyroyal Farmstead, right there at the same location.  Remember!  If it grows together it goes together!  We will gladly bring cheese back for you as well!  Next you are on to the Madrones.  Some of you are lucky enough to be staying at one of the gorgeous villas on site here.  This Tuscan style location is home to four tasting rooms: Bink, Drew, Signal Ridge and Knez Winery.

The Brewery

The Anderson Valley Brewing Company is famous through out the country for its’ finely crafted microbrews.  Despite their fame in the microbrew world, their taproom still feels like the favorite local hangout that makes everyone feel like a regular customer.  We are so fortunate to have their site as our hosting venue.  With your entry fee (if you are 21 and over) you receive a complimentary brew.  Be sure to sample more of their hoppy elixers while you are here.  They have growlers and six packs to take home with you…BUY IT! DRINK IT! LOVE IT!

When Nature Calls

Be sure to use the restroom before beginning your ride!  The first restroom is not until the town of Elk which is 30 miles from the start.  After that, there is a restroom at the Navarro River Redwoods State Park and also at your wine stops.  Even if you do bring TP, you are riding on public roads that are either open vineyards or steep forested slopes…not easy to sneak out of site!  Please prepare yourselves and use the open facilities!